Perks for donating

  • Ability to change the color of your tag, name and chat! Pick between 15 colors including rainbow color! (!setcolor in chat)
  • Customizable tag, set your own tag. (!settag in chat)
  • Ability to pick a light that lights up your player model. (!vip in chat)
  • Permanent player model, choose between 6 models. (!vip in chat)
  • Access to the Top 100 servers. You can view our servers Here
  • Vote extend rights, bring up a vote to extend the current map for 10 minutes. (extend in chat)
  • Spawn stage bots (!playstage #)
  • Paint: bind key +sh_paint in console and type !paint in chat for settings
  • Reconnect once after donating to activate all of these perks.

Support SurfHeaven!

Go to your steam profile and copy your steam profile URL